PolySia: A new bioidentical structural substance  
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Polymer Engineering



Electrospinning set-up




PolySia fibers




Fiber architectures
  1. pure polySia fibers
  2. binary fibers:
    • microphase-separated fibers
    • core-shell fibers
  3. decorated fibers























The project focuses mainly on manufacturing defined scaffolds from electrospun nanofibers of a controlled and discrete morphology made essentially from natural and chemically modified polysialic acid (polySia) in combination with other polymers. A major task in this project is to investigate the influence of fiber morphology, the orientation of filaments, the mesh-size of the non-woven and the chemical as well as mechanical stability of the fibers. Within the project larger quantities of samples are provided for in vitro and in vivo evaluation and characterization.


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