PolySia: A new bioidentical structural substance  
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Biotechnological PolySia Production


  • 30 L / 50 L bioreactors and bag reactors
  • Process modulating to improve yield
  • Release of cell-bound PolySia
  • Scale up of PolySia preparation and other components (e.g. FGF-2)
  • Analytics (special chain length, endotoxin concentration)
























The goal of WP2.1 is the establishment of an efficient logistic platform for provision of polySia, growth factors, and enzymes to all partners in the consortium. The setting up of production chains will be paralleled by the setting up of control systems that enable the monitoring of production chains and guarantee lot consistency of products.

The goals can be subdivided into:

Scaling-up of PolySia production and purification from natural sources
PolySia analysis
Modeling of the production process and analysis of the product
Controlled release of cell-bound polySia
Scaling up of the overall downstream process

Growth factor production
Process optimization and scaling up
Analysis of expression and secretion
Development of membrane adsorber based purification
Biological testing


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