PolySia: A new bioidentical structural substance  
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Organic Modification



Crosslinking of Polysialic Acid Modification of Polysialic Acid

Oligomerisation of Polysialic Acid


The central goal of this project is the chemical derivatization of polysialic acid. In order to improve its properties for the use as tissue growth supports, modifications are planned, which are based on our current knowledge of polysialic acid. Mainly, transformations are envisaged that influence the polymer engineering and the chemical and mechanical stability of the material. Additionally chemical functionalities will be installed, which allow the attachment of polysialic acid on various surfaces. Biocompatibility and induced degradability will be a crucial aspect for every new material generated. Based on Huisgen alias "click" chemistry different modifications are targeted assuring highest biodegradability due to maximal endo-N epitope integrity.





















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