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What is GlycoT

Approaching a cell from the outside, you see a dense layer of glycans of enormous complexity, the glycocalix. The conjugated oligo- and polysaccharides are generated by glycosyltransferases, which not only make cell surface glycans but also build intracellular structures. Even in the cytoplasm, glycosyltransferases are found. Over 250 different glycosyltransferases are encoded in the human genome, and even more in plants. Over the last decades, most glycosyltransferases have been cloned and research has expanded exponentially. This raised the need for a conference focusing primarily on glycosyltransferases. GlycoT covers all facets of eukaryotic and prokaryotic glycosyltransferases, from discovery of new glycosyltransferases to functional aspects on the molecular, cellular, and organismal level, and their therapeutic and biotechnical application.


The series of International Symposia on Glycosyltransferases, shortly named GlycoT, was initiated by Dr. Naoyuki Taniguchi in 1997. After the initial conference in Osaka, Japan, it was held as biennial international symposium from the year 2000.

Past Symposia:

1997: Osaka, Japan
2000: Toronto, Canada
2002: Stockholm, Sweden
2004: Le Touquet, France
2006: Tsukuba, Japan
2008: Atlanta, USA (http://www.biochem.emory.edu/conferences/glycot)
2010: Tokyo, Japan (http://unit.aist.go.jp/rcmg/GlycoT2010)

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Nana, Hannover

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